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Addiction can be hard to overcome without the appropriate treatment and care. Years of on again off again drug and alcohol abuse wreak havoc on mental stability, physical health and personal growth. But repeated failed efforts to stop substance abuse can be discouraging. The frustration can end by enlisting the help of professionals who understand the complexities of addiction and the way out of it. Getting into a drug treatment centers program may feel more daunting than it really is. The primary goal of drug treatment centers Hauppauge is to support the decision to get help and enable full recovery. When an individual overcome obsessive, compulsive behavior and return to sober living our job at Drug Treatment Centers Hauppauge has been accomplished.
While drug use usually begin with a voluntary act, the decision to stop is frequently compromised by altered brain functions. The staff at Drug Treatment Centers Hauppauge understand that these neurological changes do not align with the desire and the ability to stop. As a result millions of individuals are trapped in various forms of addiction. Based on survey records from the Substance Abuse Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) of the 23.2 million people in the United States that needed substance abuse treatment only 2.4 million received it.

Importance of Effective Treatment

Scientific research has repeatedly demonstrated that professional drug treatment help people in addiction to change patterns of behavior, avoid relapse and enable them to live productive lives. The key principles of addiction intervention that form the basis of effective treatment programs include:

  • Providing a full evaluation to make an accurate diagnosis of the physical and psychological condition of the person seeking treatment.
  • Specifically addressing any neurological disorders that may be co-occurring with addiction.
  • Customizing treatment programs that is focused on the unique circumstances, mental and physical condition of each patient.
  • Ongoing assessment and modification of the individual’s treatment program in order to enhance the recovery process.
  • Taking a holistic approach that treat the whole person not just the addiction.
  • Allowing sufficient time for the treatment process to work.
  • Provide cognitive behavioral therapy and appropriate counseling that can occur in a one-on-one, group and family forum.
  • Administering medications when necessary in conjunction with other treatment modalities.
  • A focused attention on relapse prevention and training.
  • Aftercare processes that enable transition from rehab into community life.

Treatment Approach

A comprehensive treatment program integrates various evidence-based treatment modalities to achieve full recovery. One of the most critical components of treating addiction is identifying any underlying issues that may impact the patient’s ability to sustain their sobriety. Dual Diagnosis is a term coined by the medical community to describe the co-occurrence of addiction and a mental disorder. When left untreated, this condition has been shown to be a primary factor in relapse events. As such it is an important service provided by Drug treatment Centers Hauppauge.

A customized treatment approach that entails medication administration and behavioral therapy has also been shown to be effective in helping patients to safely halt drug use and establish new patterns of behavior. These treatment interventions combined with a medical detoxification program, relapse prevention and plans for continuing care encompasses all elements of an overall therapeutic process.
If you or a loved one is in need of help for a substance abuse problem or addiction we can help. Call Drug Treatment Centers Hauppauge at (631) 729-7104 to speak to a counselor today.

About Hauppauge, NY

Hauppauge is located in the Suffolk County New York on Long Island. Hauppauge is an overflow town for the towns of Islip and Smithtown. The overall population of Hauppauge according to the 2013 census is around 21,000 people. The Hauppauge Industrial Park, located at the edge of the hamlet, is the largest on Long Island, and by some accounts the second largest in the nation. The park has more than 1,300 companies, and employs over 55,000 Long Islanders. The companies in the industrial park provide the tax revenue that makes up the bulk of the Hauppauge School’s budget. As a result, school taxes for inhabitants are comparatively low, while the budget for schools is actually higher than usual. It is noted for its well-funded schools, with many internet-accessible computers in every classroom and many after-school activities. Known for its many cultural events and outstanding outdoor recreational activities Hauppauge also has many great monuments such as those for dogs lost in war. Visitors can also enjoy Hauppauge’s pedestrian mall, the Commons and various theatre and museum offerings.

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