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SMART Recovery

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The SMART Recovery (Self Management and Recovery Training) method has proven highly effective in helping individuals recover from addiction to drugs or alcohol. This type of therapy focuses on choice and self-empowerment. As a whole, it revolves around the 4 Points: Building Motivation, Coping with Urges, Problem Solving and Lifestyle Balance.

SMART Recovery acknowledges addicts experience many stages of change. Different exercises are helpful at different stages.

SMART is available at drug rehab centers in Hauppauge. To learn more, please call one of our local facilities today.

SMART Recovery Phases of Change

. Precontemplation – A person in this stage is still in denial about addiction/abuse problems but recognizes the need for help.

. Contemplation – The person evaluates the pros and cons of addiction.

. Determining and Preparing – The person makes the decision to change and completes a Change Plan Worksheet.

. Action – The person develops new ways of coping with dependencies (self-help, addiction help groups, professional counselors/therapists/rehab).

. Maintenance – Behavior has been changed and now needs to be maintained for continued benefits and a balanced life.

. Graduation/Exit – Length of change has been extensive and for a long duration. Now, the person may choose to move on with life and stop attending SMART Recovery or may continue if desired.

Relapse Prevention

Maintaining a lifestyle balance is an integral part of the 4 Points. Relapse is prevented by an ongoing effort to live a balanced lifestyle and a return to substances would lead to unbalance. Making SMART meetings a part of life is recommended in aftercare plans. By participating in this widely available network of meetings, ex-addicts can maintain a healthy lifestyle, repeat points, and use tools as needed and can easily attend sessions face-to-face or online.

Treatment and aftercare rehab plans incorporating SMART as part of a comprehensive strategy raises the odds a person will become and stay sober.

To find out more about SMART Recovery, call drug rehab centers Hauppauge today at (631) 729-7104. A program like this could change your life for the better. Take this crucial next step on your journey to long-term sobriety.